Tabs March 2016

Well the time has come to clean up tabs.  If I bookmark them I’ll never see them again, so I might as well share them.
So again I looked at microdata from the American Time Use Survey from 2014, which asked thousands of people what they did during a 24-hour period. I used the data to simulate a single day for 1,000 Americans representative of the population — to the minute.

More specifically, I tabulated transition probabilities for one activity to the other, such as from work to traveling, for every minute of the day. That provided 1,440 transition matrices, which let me model a day as a time-varying Markov chain. The simulations below come from this model, and it’s kind of mesmerizing.


Take a second look at these.  Amazing.

Rob Gonsalves

Man quits job after visiting Burning Man, spends 10 yea


Sure, skip around especially the intro, but if you’re into speed these boats are something else.  Never seen it from this perspective before!


Full of interesting tidbits:

Love this story, especially details like the black gloves.

Milky Way tracking.

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Does this…. work?

I dunno about best in the world, but this kitchen does have some pretty killer features that aren’t obvious at first:

Reddit title was “Smearing time like butter.” Not even going to try to improve that.  Takes a little while to get really into it.