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The Lion City II – Majulah

I’m completely taken by this song.  It is not often I listen to the same song twice, nevermind on repeat on my car, phone, and home system.

The video?  Oh, it’s pretty.  Mindblowing too, if you try to figure out how you get a perfectly smooth time lapse over a period of months (years in some cases) where the source camera is clearly moving.

These artists are masters of their crafts.

Inside look at Trump – Art of the Deal ghostwriter “tells all”

Better settle down for a minute, The New Yorker is not one for brevity.  This is an intriguing story where I feel like I finally have a glimpse at the man behind the facade.

Keep in mind I’m not a black and white thinker; posting a story revealing an unflattering side of a major political candidate does not automatically make me a member of the other side.  I believe in nothing but a careful examination of facts, history, and general attention to detail.  Back to the article, one quick quote:

“An accompanying cover portrait depicted Trump as unshaven, unpleasant-looking, and shiny with sweat. Yet, to Schwartz’s amazement, Trump loved the article. He hung the cover on a wall of his office, and sent a fan note to Schwartz, on his gold-embossed personal stationery. ‘Everybody seems to have read it,’ Trump enthused in the note, which Schwartz has kept.”

Reddit – This time not as a dirty word

This summer I found an article that finally describes what reddit can be in terms many people can understand. I’ve been nervous about sharing that I even like reddit because of all the common negative associations people have about it (some of them in the intro to this article:)

Long story short, reddit is what you make of it. Do not visit the main page and assume that’s all there is, because it’s mostly trash. The linked author made her reddit a feminist (&reading!) utopia. Mine is a mix of so many areas, here’s a sampling.

Unless you get all fancy-pants you’ve got to make an account to start customizing, but A) they never spam you, B) it doesn’t cost anything and, C) there’s really very little information to sell (they don’t do that either afaik.) There’s no obligation to post links or even comment.

My only lingering doubt in sharing this information is that having new information that’s customized to you is quite addicting. Not like Facebook where you’re the product and they decide what you should see, you get to decide – and have a say, if voting floats your boat.


Got a new car today, woot!!! It’s a 2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 AWD w/Tech package. I’ve been lusting after this car pretty much since it was released. It’s got pretty much every feature you can think of.

I love that from my last Genesis to this one, they took pretty much every suggestion I had and made them a reality on the new car, except one. Now I’m not nearly arrogant enough to believe I caused these things, but even if my comments helped just a teensy weensy amount I’m happy. Even if no one saw them, they still ended up in a very good place. There’s nothing quite like this vehicle for the money. Believe me, I looked hard!

Today, I am one unbelievably happy dude.

People are out to get me! oh noes!

Yeah I know that comes off as tinfoil hat-ish, but wow.  So first off I was at the bank and one of my checks was deposited with a decimal 2 places over and not in my favor.  This means, for example, $26.11 instead of $2611.  Luckily I caught it before I had taken more than 2 steps from the counter so the whole previous transaction was reversed and the correct numbers entered in.

Then, while leaving the parking lot I was 75% backed out and this idiot in a mercedes SUV starts backing up and doesn’t stop when I honk.  She came pretty close and never ONCE checked her mirrors or looked around, I think she was caught up in conversation with the person in the passenger seat.

On the way home from the same trip, I was turning right onto 7th to get onto coburg/take the bridge and they’ve recently changed the lanes.  So I had someone not even look and use the old lanes, damn near plowed right into the side of my car, ‘cept I’ve been keeping an eye out for that and swung wide (to where my lane used to go.)

Originally we had planned on going to Borders but Sara said she’d rather go home than face more idiotic drivers.

Oh yeah on the way there a bicyclist was almost hit by a truck serving across two lanes of traffic (into the third, a turn lane) and then taking the exit without yielding to the bike in the bike lane (which goes across the turn lane in this case, and he should have yielded.)


Just finished upgrading both blogs to WordPress 2.7.  I wouldn’t have bothered but apparently with 2.7 now WordPress can upgrade itself.  The process itself is easy but as usual it’s a collection of a bunch of easy steps combined with the pre-upgrade work like backup that makes it take a while.  Glad to have it done, the admin interface is way better, adding pictures is easier, and I also added the “re-captcha” system.

The latter means anyone can comment without a user account.  Registering means you won’t need to do or even see the re-captcha.  One nice thing about this particular captcha system is it helps to digitize books while performing it’s main function of preventing spam.  Can’t argue with that.

2008 & 2009

2008 was a good year for me.  Got married, business is great, and overall Sara and I worked towards setting up a future together.  2009 will be a year of many changes.  Hopefully before the year is done we’ll be in our own home, with a car that doesn’t break down constantly, and be working on getting little munchkins of our own.  Well, one at least.

In 2010 I expect my life will be just black and white different than it is today.

My big goal for the short term is getting stress under control.  I have noticed a link between getting sick and under a lot of pressure at work.  I think I’m managing my time pretty well, and I get a lot done and in good timeframes, but my to-do system is terrible.  Don’t let me fool you I still get most everything done, but the ones I miss really kill me.  Put another way, it bothers me when I call someone in business and they don’t call me back, ask a question and get no response.  Usually not a lot but still – I never want to be on the non-response side of that!

Ideally I would provide a mention-it-and-it’s-done service i.e. anything no matter how big or small which gets pointed my way I would follow up on until completion, presenting decision-makers with clear information and executing directions as efficiently as possible.  Right now I get all the big stuff done in this manner, but I do lose small bits of info and occasionally get significantly sidetracked by an emergency, even on larger projects.

To sum up, I do pretty well with my “terrible” to-do system but I know there’s a lot of room for improvement.  I see nothing wrong with aiming for perfect and if I fall a little short, hey, I’m human.

Good luck in 2009!

The rush has subsided!

Holy shit!  What is going on??!?!  I finally have a moment to collect my thoughts and do office work instead of madly rushing around fixing stuff at places until everyone has gone home! Is there some major disturbance or catastrophe? No? 

Thanksgiving, you say?

<3 turkey day.

About time

Been feeling like I need a place to dump random thoughts.  Even just a place to share tabs so my bookmarks list doesn’t continue to grow.  Also, a place to interact with friends without facebook or myspace.  So here I am, let’s see if I actually update this one.  heh.