Reddit – This time not as a dirty word

This summer I found an article that finally describes what reddit can be in terms many people can understand. I’ve been nervous about sharing that I even like reddit because of all the common negative associations people have about it (some of them in the intro to this article:)

Long story short, reddit is what you make of it. Do not visit the main page and assume that’s all there is, because it’s mostly trash. The linked author made her reddit a feminist (&reading!) utopia. Mine is a mix of so many areas, here’s a sampling.

Unless you get all fancy-pants you’ve got to make an account to start customizing, but A) they never spam you, B) it doesn’t cost anything and, C) there’s really very little information to sell (they don’t do that either afaik.) There’s no obligation to post links or even comment.

My only lingering doubt in sharing this information is that having new information that’s customized to you is quite addicting. Not like Facebook where you’re the product and they decide what you should see, you get to decide – and have a say, if voting floats your boat.