Two mdm errors and how to resolve them

First one is kind of shaky, the second one is definite.  I will update this post and make note of it if my information changes.  Last month I was receiving “the configuration for your iPad could not be downloaded from [my client’s server] NSURLErrorDomain -999.”  I found all kinds of solutions online relating to management suites, but I’m not even going to mention them because they were irrelevant to the solution in my case.  The only difference in my setup between functioning and non-functioning was the devices I was deploying started coming with iOS 11 instead of iOS 10.

This particular setup is just preparing the devices with Configurator 2, no DEP, then going through the iOS initial configuration of which the major steps are joining the wifi network, accepting enrollment, and logging in with the user’s account.  On initial setup of this system around the middle of 2017 I was receiving errors about SCEP enrollment, which was not being used.  That was fixed by enabling all the setup steps instead of trying to customize them.  (Also, see “4/17/18 note,” below.)

The change I made which fixed this problem was editing the enrollment url from:





This month on trying to deploy another device I started receiving a new error, “the configuration for your iPad could not be downloaded from [my client’s server] “Invalid Profile.” To fix this open Configurator 2 -> Preferences -> Servers -> + -> [enter a name like mdm Jan 2018] -> [for “host name or url” use only the fqdn and no path info so it autodiscovers the full path, i.e. https://fqdn/]. This will fetch the most current cert/info via built-in autoconfig.

After receiving the “Invalid Profile” message I needed to manually erase the device to begin again, but after erasing and re-preparing it the steps went back to working perfectly.

1/25/18 note: My employee was testing this, it failed even with a newly autodiscovered server entry.  However prior to use instead of being brand new (in my case) he used Configurator 2 to erase it.  Using the built-in “Erase All Content and Settings” did allow the process to proceed.  Next new iPad I get I’ll try erasing it prior to preparing it using Configurator 2 and leaving the existing server entry in place.  If that works I’ll update this post.

4/17/18 note: SCEP errors can also occur if port 80 is not open to the profile manager server.

If I’ve made an error or helped you out, I’d love to hear about it. Please email me at mdm@ this domain name (without the www.) Thanks!