Bullets Split in half


Photo 1 –
1. Some flavor of 5.56×45 loaded with a steel projectile in a copper half-jacket to protect the bore
2. 5.56mm XM216 SPIW Flechette
3. 7.62/.220 Salvo Squeezebore

Photo 2 –
1. 9x19mm – looks much like a British 9mm MkIIz
2. 9x19mm – solid brass hollow point – unsure of maker
3. 9x19mm – either a tracer or possibly an explosive projectile. Not sure what that filler is

Photo 3 –
1. 9x19mm Cobra “High Safety Ammunition” – steel darts inside a polymer sabot
2. 9x19mm Israeli riot control – steel balls embedded in amber resin

Photo 4 –
1. 7.62x51mm Plastic short-range training tracer
2. This one is curious – it looks like a 7.62x51mm but the interior looks like a ‘sabotage’ cartridge as it appears to be loaded with a blasting cap and a small amount of explosive.
3. 6.5x55mm wood bullet blank (guessing at the cartridge on that one, it looks right!)

Photo 5 –
1. .450 Adams – the case appears too short and the bullet is too short, the cavity too shallow and it doesn’t have enough grease grooves to be a .455 MkII.
2. .38 Speer Target

Photo 6 –
1. .38 Special Glaser
2. .224 BOZ

Credit for the guesses as to bullet type goes here.