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Damn car

Well that must have looked funny, had anyone been looking. And I’ve got neighbors moving in both across the street and next door, so maybe I just provided some amusement. The story after the background info…

My car – yes the same one I just spent $1300 fixing – has had issues with it’s sunroof for some time. I fixed a stripped gear a while ago but there is another problem causing the sunroof to open but not close. Like, click the button and absolutely nothing happens, even though it works fine in the opening direction. The normal fix is to remove the shroud and unmount the sunroof motor in order to manually turn the crank. This time, I’d just spent a bit of time looking for others with the same problem, and found one person whose sunroof stopped working like mine, only she drove about 10′ and it worked again. The reply was “you must have knocked the brushes back into position.” I’ve had this problem before and sometimes it’ll work after some driving but usually not.

So I put on my shoes, grabbed my toolbox and headed out. Before disassembling everything I decided to give it one last try. Keys in, on position, button pressed… nothing. Remembered the bit about the brushes. Gave the motor one sound SMACK and tried it again. Worked.

A video would be pretty damn funny: guy walks out to car with a toolbox, sits in it and fiddles for a few seconds. Looks up in disgust and hits the roof. Sunroof closes. Guy lugs tools back into house with a smile on his face after a total of about 90 seconds.