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NSA surveillance

Found this story fascinating and scary at the same time:

Among other things, it links to this page on a German politician who sued to have his records released to him.  He handed it over to a newspaper who put together a reconstruction of his life using this “harmless” metadata.

Pretty scary, huh?

Nov 2011 links

What are important things and advice to know that people generally aren’t told about?


“The Second Date Story”   If you’re a sucker for a sappy tale, spend a few minutes on this one.  It’s a great read.


Guy goes on a mountain bike course with his dog Lilo.


This one is a bit old but if you’ve never seen the tech, it’s pretty interesting.  The basic idea is that to reduce overheating in athletic performance the best method is to cool blood more or less directly.  Blood circulates and acts as an internal refrigerant line, taking heat away from the body in the most effective manner possible.


Japan marks 6 months since earthquake, tsunami


“In each image I’ve incorporated myself twice, once as the Iranian and once as the American. In some of my images I see conflict and in some I see peace and calm with my two selves. This exploration is a growing one and much more work will follow this blog post.”


Photos with slow shutter speed.  Love number 14!


Guy goes down an alpine snow course in the summer on a single track coaster without using brakes. Considering how slow 55mph looks on camera in a car this guy must be hauling ass at points!


The Recording of The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Special Orchestra CD

Sept links

The Graphing Calculator Story. Subject is somewhat geeky but it really is a good story.

Thought about posting this on FB.  I still might.  It really is super-important for everyone to understand what it is and why we want net neutrality.

Cat House on the Kings

OkCupid’s fact summary of The REAL ‘Stuff White People Like’.  And so on for every major race out there.  Since it’s not opinion but real data people enter in I find this fascinating.  The only bias to be aware of is the data representing how people want to be seen versus reality, but getting truthful responses on the latter in 526,000 people would be quite daunting.


Subnormality’s Monstrous Descrepancies


November / early Dec tab dump

Fascinating little video on an ant colony

Nuclear shelter turned data center.  Submarine backup engines and plants?!

Obama’s Use of Complete Sentences Stirs Controversy

“Instead of a bulky mechanical engine in the front third of the car, put two or four electric motors inside the wheels.   If a factory wants to produce one hundred V4 (equivalent) chassis it takes motors from Corner A.  If it wants to build two hundred V6 (equivalent) electric chassis, it takes the motors from Corner B.  This allows companies to run fewer factories at higher capacity utilization by tapping the modular design of electric motors and energy storage devices.
Consumers are going to love wheel based electric motors because they transform the driving experience around instant torque and customized software that allows the same car to ride like a Ferrari or a Minivan with the click of a button.”
Sounds like a good idea… I’ll believe it when I see it, but I like reading about this kind of technology being developed.

Peel-n-stick… solar?

“The Strangest Disaster of the 20th Century.”

Tab dump!

So these are some of my open tabs in firefox, that I’d rather share than bookmark & forget about until approximately eleventeen years later:

– Jeffery Deskovic’s experience of being wrongly convicted, and thoughts of what should be done to prevent it from happening to others. One of my greatest fears is getting wrongly convicted.

– Fascinating story about Robert Lanza’s life and current mission. About halfway down the first page is a story about how he ordered a squirrel monkey when he was 14. Freakin’ awesome.

– Been meaning to check out Chandler and see if it’s any good.

Top 10 80s Cartoons. Holy crap a top 10 list not completely full of it. Dunno about the order though. I will say I started watching old Thundercats episodes because of reading that list. Yes, it is still all kinds of awesome.

– Found out about this recently. Yeeouch.

– This is old (censored?) news, skip the top part and read the Executive Order itself. Grrrr.


In this category I’ll share the various links I come across which might be cool or interesting.  If you frequent social news aggregation sites this might be mostly repeats, otherwise you’ll wonder how I came across all this.  :]