present and future

As Sara and I talk about our future, I increasingly get the idea I am currently in probably one of the easiest phases of my life. I’m not saying I or we don’t have challenges, just relatively speaking, add it up:
– no kids
– no roommates
– no yard work
– no house work beyond the ever-present dishes/laundry/etc, i.e. no home improvement projects ’cause I’m renting
– saving for a home, so financially comfortable.
– stable jobs
– Past the major parts of Sara’s eye issues so no health issues

Next few years are gonna be quite different. Hopefully within 12-24 months we can get a house, and then shortly after that we are planning to have kids. We talked a bit about Sara getting her masters, but to maintain health coverage she would need to work full time. But her masters (all masters programs? no idea) is only offered full time; her work would craft her schedule around it and pay 75% of the school bill to top it off…. but that’s two full time jobs. zomg. We think it’s gonna have to wait until later. Money just isn’t that big of a priority. It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a distant second to having our own little smarmy munchkins. 😀

two (three?) curiosities

Generally I don’t want to get too political here, but these are party-agnostic:

1. Why do we let companies essentially put political figures in their debt? Money wins elections, a major source of cash is from companies, and companies want some kind of return on investment. This makes no sense and we voters have no one to blame but ourselves.
Personally I would be fine with a % of my taxes paying for a way for the candidates to be heard, although not so much if they spend it on smear campaigns. Though, even if they did, at least they wouldn’t owe favors.

2. Why don’t more states use mail in voting? It’s resistant to fraud, it allows me time to think and weigh my choices, not to mention I don’t have to spend a day (or any time) waiting in line. I have this general notion that only the people who care about the issues would remember to send it in (I may be full of crap on this.)

I’ve also wondered if we could vote by issue-weight-candidate, i.e. have a top 40 issue list picked by an independent group using a fully transparent process, then vote on each issue and weigh it accordingly. This would constitute part of your vote (I don’t know, 40-60%), another part would be on subjective merits such as crisis handling or even, well, just how much you like the candidate. I believe in the last part because in the nearest primaries I used one of those issue & weight surveys, and my 2nd choice came out first by 1%, yet I far preferred my first choice based on my prior research. Although it would be a real bear to balance the percentages well, the goal of having candidates win who reflect the public’s actual will is highly appealing.

Tab dump!

So these are some of my open tabs in firefox, that I’d rather share than bookmark & forget about until approximately eleventeen years later:

– Jeffery Deskovic’s experience of being wrongly convicted, and thoughts of what should be done to prevent it from happening to others. One of my greatest fears is getting wrongly convicted.

– Fascinating story about Robert Lanza’s life and current mission. About halfway down the first page is a story about how he ordered a squirrel monkey when he was 14. Freakin’ awesome.

– Been meaning to check out Chandler and see if it’s any good.

Top 10 80s Cartoons. Holy crap a top 10 list not completely full of it. Dunno about the order though. I will say I started watching old Thundercats episodes because of reading that list. Yes, it is still all kinds of awesome.

– Found out about this recently. Yeeouch.

– This is old (censored?) news, skip the top part and read the Executive Order itself. Grrrr.


In this category I’ll share the various links I come across which might be cool or interesting.  If you frequent social news aggregation sites this might be mostly repeats, otherwise you’ll wonder how I came across all this.  :]

First thought

So I just got married, people keep asking “Does it feel different?”  Why, no, not really.  Frankly I think that’s a good thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to be married and our honeymoon was great, but what we already had was really good so I’m glad it’s not changing.

In fact of the people I’ve known who did feel different, they ended up getting divorced.  So: go us!!

About time

Been feeling like I need a place to dump random thoughts.  Even just a place to share tabs so my bookmarks list doesn’t continue to grow.  Also, a place to interact with friends without facebook or myspace.  So here I am, let’s see if I actually update this one.  heh.

A place for random thoughts.