The rush has subsided!

Holy shit!  What is going on??!?!  I finally have a moment to collect my thoughts and do office work instead of madly rushing around fixing stuff at places until everyone has gone home! Is there some major disturbance or catastrophe? No? 

Thanksgiving, you say?

<3 turkey day.


Today I am finally hitting the “go” button on some pages I’ve been working on for a while now, “GoodStuff” and “BadStuff” (next to the Home link, above.)  I’m excited to have them finally online because they can now be scanned by search engines and fulfill their main purpose: to help people.  As stated on one of the pages I have no delusions of grandeur, but damnit, if  a company or product is exceptionally good or bad I think this is the modern addition to word of mouth and it’s well worth my time.

not sick

Since late September I have been almost getting sick. Every time I take large doses of vitamin D (2 grams,) vitamin C (2 grams,) and echinacea/golden seal. Combined with a small amount of rest and I end up fending the sickness off.

But see, about every week or two this process repeats itself because I haven’t actually gotten sick and created an immunity to this particular strain. So today when it happened I thought, hey, maybe I shouldn’t try to prevent it and let it happen? You know how hard that is?!? To willingly get sick. I couldn’t do it.

The alternative, I think, is to start taking vitamin D and C regularly so my immune system stays at top operating capacity. I also don’t want to do that because I don’t want my body to get used it and become lazy. So I’d prefer to get sick in that regard. Only problem is I believe I am most vulnerable (in my immune-system) when I am super busy and stressed out, which is a terrible time to get sick. Bah!

New Response

Not sure I’m going to dive into in length like this, but I do have a new response for those who ask the most popular post-wedding question: Does it feel different?

My initial answer was that aside from the exhilaration from having just been married & honeymooned, and a bit of pride, no. Not really. (Oh and I also felt legitimized vs boyfriend and girlfriend, which can be so much but also so little.) I was and am happy that we have stayed pretty much the same in our day-to-day lives.

I am now cognizant of another small change: I feel good about planning for the future because it feels like we’re laying a foundation. Little corny, perhaps, but it’s kinda cool.

ABS braking

This is the perfect time of year to test your antilock braking system. Wet all the time and packed leaves can be nearly as bad as snow (not ice; and yes that’s an opinion and not something I’ve researched) Test ’em before you need them!!

Just find an empty area, preferably one with nothing whatsoever in it, get up to about 25mph and slam on the brakes. When I’d read about ABS I heard it was kind of a gentle clicking. Which is crap. In my car it feels like an odd conglomeration of rapid popping and harsh grinding, the pedal even moves side to side a tiny bit. The effect is a damned quick stop in a straight line.

As long as you check your interior for objects that may fly around and truly are in a huge vacant space, I cannot imagine anything bad happening. Personally, I’ve picked opportune moments for seeing how ABS works in a variety of conditions, but I understand if that’s beyond most people’s comfort zones.

Chances are if you’re reading this you mean something to me, so please make time to try this out.

blind spots

Can’t believe I’ve been driving for over a decade and never knew how to properly set my mirrors. Here is the gist of it:

To adjust your mirrors properly, put your head against the left side door glass, then adjust your left mirror OUT until you just barely can (or barely can not) see the side of your car. THEN, move your head to the center of your car and adjust your right mirror out until you can barely (or barely can not) see the side of your car. The goal is to set it up so that once a car leaves your REAR view mirror, it appears in your SIDE view mirror – and once it leaves your SIDE view mirror, it appears in your side window/peripheral vision. Unfortunately, some American cars don’t let you adjust the mirrors out far enough to completely accomplish this. I recommend experimenting in a parking lot until you get the ideal angle.

CarTalk covered this a while ago and it’s worth sharing (their page has graphics available in the downloadable PDF.) Might as well get used to using the mirrors correctly now, before I’m an old fart and can’t easily look over my shoulder.


I dunno if I should give this topic it’s own page or just use categories/tags. Guess I can always switch!
Tips… don’t think it needs much explanation.

Was just shaving, thought this would’ve been handy to know when I was younger: it’s all about heat. When you’re prepping wash your face with the hottest water you can possibly stand. Honestly it should hurt a little bit. Really rub your face with the near-scalding water a few times (I say a few times because you can only hold it your hands so long) and then shave immediately. Keep the blade as hot as possible as well. Being sharp makes it easier, but having a hot and clean blade is more important than having the absolute sharpest possible, in my experience. Swipe, maybe two, rinse & heat, repeat.

End with whichever aftershave you like. Personally I use one without alcohol.
Read about the importance of hot water a few years back and haven’t had the slightest shaving problem since. No odd irritation, no bumps, nothing. Something about the hot water opening pores? Not really sure but it works well.

teh happy

I’ve recently realized I need to make a pretty fundamental change in my thought processes. I need to aim towards a positive view whenever possible. Some parts of life are going to always be there and you can go through it grudgingly or pick the parts of it you enjoy and focus on those. I can’t help but think as I write this, that I sound preachy or I don’t know… new age? Not really sure how to put it without offending some group out there.

Let me put it this way, I don’t believe in the mantra “think of good things and good things will happen.” Replacing “think of” with “do” is more accurate. As outlined above my goal is not even so advanced. Doesn’t mean it will be easy! If I’m able to accomplish even a small part of this it will help with a larger problem of mine, procrastination. (I don’t procrastinate with everything, just some, but man am I good at it 😉

By default my analytical mind tends to break things down which makes it all too easy to focus on what could be better i.e. the parts that suck. Can’t stop breaking things down but I can choose to refocus. Instead of being annoyed I have to do dishes yet again, I think of how nice it’ll be to have the counter clean. Taking out the trash? No chance for bad smells to accumulate. A bunch of laundry? Nice to have clean clothes and sheets.

I hope to fit this in wherever I can. I should say though, I’ve been trying to do this for years with driving and have had pretty limited success. At a root level I just can’t convince myself that many people have legitimate excuses for the way they drive (such as, on the way to the emergency room, major life event distracting them, new to the city, etc.) I drive around town too much to overcome the overwhelming evidence supporting the idea people just don’t f*cking pay attention when they’re driving. …. hrrm I should save this topic for another post. Too much to put here!

Point being, I am trying to be more positive in as many ways as I can, in ways I haven’t tried before, and that can only help.

a special moment

At the grocery store self-checkout machine I get a strange feeling of amusement when the touchscreen reads “Please use the payment terminal to complete the transaction” exactly at the same time the payment terminal states “PLEASE USE TOUCHSCREEN TO COMPLETE THE TRANSACTION.”

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