new host

First off I just made a post over at, so read that first! As I said over there I finally got on top of things, and my registrations with were expiring. I chose them initially because of price (years ago,) but lately I really haven’t liked their ads or policies relating to privacy or disputes. With many issues it was time to find a new registrar.

Initially I discounted by then-current webhost,, because I don’t like having all my eggs in one basket. I was contemplating because of their excellent privacy policy and dispute resolution, not to mention prices, but I couldn’t pull the trigger due to them being in France. In very small amounts because I have zero knowledge of french laws, but also because I didn’t like the idea of all requests having an extra 150ms added on to them. Yes, I could have used DNS servers in the states but meh… it just didn’t click.

I ended up using NearlyFreeSpeech because they also have excellent privacy/dispute/prices, are here in the US, and their private domain registration is a notch above anyone else’s that I researched. (yeah there is a difference, however small it may be.) I highly recommend NFS, they are perfect for getting your feet wet since you only pay for what you actually use (there is no monthly fee.) Arguably they might be perfect for high bandwidth material too, but I don’t want my registrar and web host to be the same company, so I moved to MediaTemple, whom I’ve been very happy with when I’ve used it on behalf of my clients. Plus has a code for 20% off for the life of the service (!)

This summer I’m going on a mammoth road trip and will probably get a new camera for it, and I wanted gobs of bandwidth so I could throw as much online as I felt like without thinking about what it might cost.

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