People are out to get me! oh noes!

Yeah I know that comes off as tinfoil hat-ish, but wow.  So first off I was at the bank and one of my checks was deposited with a decimal 2 places over and not in my favor.  This means, for example, $26.11 instead of $2611.  Luckily I caught it before I had taken more than 2 steps from the counter so the whole previous transaction was reversed and the correct numbers entered in.

Then, while leaving the parking lot I was 75% backed out and this idiot in a mercedes SUV starts backing up and doesn’t stop when I honk.  She came pretty close and never ONCE checked her mirrors or looked around, I think she was caught up in conversation with the person in the passenger seat.

On the way home from the same trip, I was turning right onto 7th to get onto coburg/take the bridge and they’ve recently changed the lanes.  So I had someone not even look and use the old lanes, damn near plowed right into the side of my car, ‘cept I’ve been keeping an eye out for that and swung wide (to where my lane used to go.)

Originally we had planned on going to Borders but Sara said she’d rather go home than face more idiotic drivers.

Oh yeah on the way there a bicyclist was almost hit by a truck serving across two lanes of traffic (into the third, a turn lane) and then taking the exit without yielding to the bike in the bike lane (which goes across the turn lane in this case, and he should have yielded.)

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