[1/1/09: I wrote the post below on Dec 18th around 4pm but it was just too much of a downer to post all by itself, so I’m posting it now and backdating it.]

Stress sucks.  Where do I start?  Have several companies with large projects needing to have been done a while ago, and while I’ve made great progress I’ve also had many emergencies come up.  It’s been like this pretty much since I got back from the honeymoon.  Then I was sick a week or two ago and that took me out for almost a full week and now I was effectively snowed in for a few days.

While the downtime was good for getting office work done it also kept me from things I’d been looking forward to, specifically two sets of friends who I’ve been meaning to see their places for-fucking-ever now and I was finally going to get to. But no, it didn’t happen due to the ice. Actually last night could’ve happened but I trusted the weather report too much, the roads looked fine when it was supposed to be raining and below freezing. Anyway, I also haven’t been able to work out which is a form of stress relief as well.

On top of all of this my car is failing again. I can tell the differential is about to go again. Which means a second ~$1300 repair in less than two months. On top of that the AC is going to go and all kinds of other things don’t work. So, time to get a new (used) car, except: when? And: DAMN! I don’t want to spend money on cars when I want to buy a house. Fuck Ford, seriously. Them, GM, and Chrysler need to die to make room for new blood. They’ve had their chances and they chose short term profit.

Back to me, I suck at christmas shopping. I’m just gonna leave it at that for now.

Ok I’ve cooled down now so back to work. Hope you enjoyed my rant! (lols)

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