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Tips… don’t think it needs much explanation.

Was just shaving, thought this would’ve been handy to know when I was younger: it’s all about heat. When you’re prepping wash your face with the hottest water you can possibly stand. Honestly it should hurt a little bit. Really rub your face with the near-scalding water a few times (I say a few times because you can only hold it your hands so long) and then shave immediately. Keep the blade as hot as possible as well. Being sharp makes it easier, but having a hot and clean blade is more important than having the absolute sharpest possible, in my experience. Swipe, maybe two, rinse & heat, repeat.

End with whichever aftershave you like. Personally I use one without alcohol.
Read about the importance of hot water a few years back and haven’t had the slightest shaving problem since. No odd irritation, no bumps, nothing. Something about the hot water opening pores? Not really sure but it works well.

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