teh happy

I’ve recently realized I need to make a pretty fundamental change in my thought processes. I need to aim towards a positive view whenever possible. Some parts of life are going to always be there and you can go through it grudgingly or pick the parts of it you enjoy and focus on those. I can’t help but think as I write this, that I sound preachy or I don’t know… new age? Not really sure how to put it without offending some group out there.

Let me put it this way, I don’t believe in the mantra “think of good things and good things will happen.” Replacing “think of” with “do” is more accurate. As outlined above my goal is not even so advanced. Doesn’t mean it will be easy! If I’m able to accomplish even a small part of this it will help with a larger problem of mine, procrastination. (I don’t procrastinate with everything, just some, but man am I good at it 😉

By default my analytical mind tends to break things down which makes it all too easy to focus on what could be better i.e. the parts that suck. Can’t stop breaking things down but I can choose to refocus. Instead of being annoyed I have to do dishes yet again, I think of how nice it’ll be to have the counter clean. Taking out the trash? No chance for bad smells to accumulate. A bunch of laundry? Nice to have clean clothes and sheets.

I hope to fit this in wherever I can. I should say though, I’ve been trying to do this for years with driving and have had pretty limited success. At a root level I just can’t convince myself that many people have legitimate excuses for the way they drive (such as, on the way to the emergency room, major life event distracting them, new to the city, etc.) I drive around town too much to overcome the overwhelming evidence supporting the idea people just don’t f*cking pay attention when they’re driving. …. hrrm I should save this topic for another post. Too much to put here!

Point being, I am trying to be more positive in as many ways as I can, in ways I haven’t tried before, and that can only help.

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