New Response

Not sure I’m going to dive into in length like this, but I do have a new response for those who ask the most popular post-wedding question: Does it feel different?

My initial answer was that aside from the exhilaration from having just been married & honeymooned, and a bit of pride, no. Not really. (Oh and I also felt legitimized vs boyfriend and girlfriend, which can be so much but also so little.) I was and am happy that we have stayed pretty much the same in our day-to-day lives.

I am now cognizant of another small change: I feel good about planning for the future because it feels like we’re laying a foundation. Little corny, perhaps, but it’s kinda cool.

One thought on “New Response”

  1. Not corny. . I think that being able to plan your new foundation is the difference between now and then. Things aren’t different, but yet they are. just my two cents.

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