Tab dump!

So these are some of my open tabs in firefox, that I’d rather share than bookmark & forget about until approximately eleventeen years later:

– Jeffery Deskovic’s experience of being wrongly convicted, and thoughts of what should be done to prevent it from happening to others. One of my greatest fears is getting wrongly convicted.

– Fascinating story about Robert Lanza’s life and current mission. About halfway down the first page is a story about how he ordered a squirrel monkey when he was 14. Freakin’ awesome.

– Been meaning to check out Chandler and see if it’s any good.

Top 10 80s Cartoons. Holy crap a top 10 list not completely full of it. Dunno about the order though. I will say I started watching old Thundercats episodes because of reading that list. Yes, it is still all kinds of awesome.

– Found out about this recently. Yeeouch.

– This is old (censored?) news, skip the top part and read the Executive Order itself. Grrrr.

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