present and future

As Sara and I talk about our future, I increasingly get the idea I am currently in probably one of the easiest phases of my life. I’m not saying I or we don’t have challenges, just relatively speaking, add it up:
– no kids
– no roommates
– no yard work
– no house work beyond the ever-present dishes/laundry/etc, i.e. no home improvement projects ’cause I’m renting
– saving for a home, so financially comfortable.
– stable jobs
– Past the major parts of Sara’s eye issues so no health issues

Next few years are gonna be quite different. Hopefully within 12-24 months we can get a house, and then shortly after that we are planning to have kids. We talked a bit about Sara getting her masters, but to maintain health coverage she would need to work full time. But her masters (all masters programs? no idea) is only offered full time; her work would craft her schedule around it and pay 75% of the school bill to top it off…. but that’s two full time jobs. zomg. We think it’s gonna have to wait until later. Money just isn’t that big of a priority. It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a distant second to having our own little smarmy munchkins. 😀

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